Over 10+ years of growing business teams from the ground up, working with national organizations and professional sports teams to develop winning environments that elevate the bottom line

Moving a business to the next level isn’t always about working harder or expanding your offerings. Sometimes it’s about:

  • Defining (or redefining) The Culture – This means evaluating your most valuable asset – the people, team(s) and the environment they create
  • Humanizing Diversity & Inclusion – We get leaders, and the community they serve, to understand the difference between diversity and inclusion by creating safe spaces for all to dive deeper into the commonalities that connect us.

Let us help you elevate morale, identify winning opportunities and move to the next level!

THE FOUNDATION OF IT ALL – Building & Redefining Your Culture

Sometimes it’s not what we do, but who we are. Sometimes it’s not who we are, but what we believe. What does your company or organization believe?

If you asked three (3) different leaders in your organization what are the top three (3) goals for year, will they write down the same things? If you asked your employees what is the mantra of your organization, would they have even the slightest clue? What are your daily expectations, how will others internalize this as fact?

Let us help you create a work environment that transcends your product or service. Let us help you create a unified language and transformative foundation within the walls of your organization.

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Base Rate: Four (4) Hour Session with ten (10) participants


Before we get to the real problems, real numbers, and real consequences… before we just throw money at the situation, invest in more training, or wrestle with metrics and percentages… let’s humanize this juncture. The moment we step foot into this conversation, let’s recognize there’s a huge opportunity to connect before we even begin changing the narrative. 

In this training, we identify unnecessary limitations. We illuminate lines that do not exist but dictate our reality, community and workplace. We create the foundation for your organization to decide between intent versus impact.

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Base Rate: One (1) Day – Four (4) hours with ten (10) participants


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