How About The Relationship Box?

How about the Relationship Box?

We both had our share of dating over the years,

Some were amazing …others were “Eh.”

Some relationships organically blossomed,

…others were forced emotions, thoughts & actions.

Some nights we laid in bed feeling empty & lonely,

…Other nights we gladly proclaimed, “Single For The Night!”

We’ve had our share of pleasant surprises #Refreshing,

…we’ve had our share of disappointments.

How do we stay hopeful & optimistic? How do we consistently be OUR best in the next relationship regardless of knowing the outcome?


Vulnerability is a powerful thing – it isn’t for the weak, selfish, bitter or immature,

It is the gateway to understanding the importance of

Expressed Expectation, Foundation & Shared Contribution.

It allows us to fail and still grow,

It allows us to become more in-tune with what makes us feel good.

Before we start dating again, we have to consciously move forward and refresh our mind, body and soul from the previous relationships. This allows us to rid baggage and become prepared to offer what a new relationship needs –

50/50 investment.

Regardless of not knowing the outcome, we have to be humble & vulnerable enough to commit to being the best person, friend #lover #Spouse we can be. Through this character and sincere intent, we will attract the right person, friend, lover, soul mate •

It is necessary. It’s is Truth.

Let’s both focus on becoming a better US!

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