@ThoughtsOfAPrayingMan is about the vulnerable process of becoming who we want to be. It understands the power of “we,” access, and possibility. We are a network of social innovators and doers. If you believe in vision, investment and the process to progress, we will grow together.

If you don’t know what to expect, well, I don’t either. We will reminisce, laugh, cry, agree to disagree, overthink, inspire and empower each other.

It takes time to #Become who we want to be. But along the way, we never know who our journey will #Inspire …unintentionally. Our commitment and resilience will inspire even more on the back end – because they’ll see the results. And after we’ve become who we’ve sought out to be, we then must make a conscious decision to #Empower others – #PayItForward. Keep growing, #Becoming is an ever-evolving process.

Lets see what this becomes… Hmmmm… Such a beautiful experience. Wouldn’t you agree?

His Humble Grind

Inspired by a true story, this literature articulates the mind of a dreamer. He encounters constant ups and downs. Lingering disappointments, impeded progress, and occasional doubt overwhelms his spirit. Thoughts of complacency grow stronger and stronger. Some days a corona of darkness engulfs him. His most desired dreams and aspirations verge on the probability of...
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She’s Focusing On The Right Things.

Ladies, have you ever been so aligned with who you are and  what you want from life that you didn’t notice, nor care, what people may have thought? You pursued your vision relentlessly!! …Big or small. It never crossed your mind to look up and wonder what everyone was thinking. Without justifying your actions, everyone...
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The Cosby’s, Obama’s & Carter’s

Back in the day, we all tuned into the classic sitcom that illustrated a parenting duo serving as a doctor and lawyer in their community– The Cosby Show. Forty-four presidents later, America was able to witness and appreciate the transcending dynamic of a black first-family in the White House – Barack & Michelle Obama. Over...
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Is HE Listening?

Aroused by the “possibilities,” it became more than a dream. Once it became attainable, the road-most-traveled seemed illogical – why not? With a sincere passion he invested time and energy. A foundation anchored by a spiritual liaison rooted a presence in his life that was stronger than ever – a divine truth fueled by inevitable...
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