Aroused by the “possibilities,” it became more than a dream. Once it became attainable, the road-most-traveled seemed illogical – why not? With a sincere passion he invested time and energy.

A foundation anchored by a spiritual liaison rooted a presence in his life that was stronger than ever – a divine truth fueled by inevitable experiences and sincere devotion. The audacity of his pursuit was spiritually justified. His unworldly influence qualified ALL “possibilities” to be possible – by any man who believed.

With opportunistic goals, sincere faith, and positive intent – the lack of results started to weigh heavier. How could Job* be punished? He knew but did not understand. And as time taunted him, patience lacked. He questioned, not only the process, but overall concept. He questioned, not only the purpose and direction, but his spiritual teachings and understanding – “What if HE (God) doesn’t deliver the desires of my heart?”

He goes to church almost every Sunday; he dismisses wreckless lust. He sits, thinks, and occasionally sheds a tear. Invested time, money and faith overwhelmingly takes its toll. He isolates himself away from all of you a day or two – sometimes weeks. In his mother’s basement, he prays for enlightenment.

Did he dream too big? Did he make the right decision?

During the day, while driving, he ponders a more realistic journey or dream overlooked – maybe? As he pleads, he needs a divine intervention.

Yearning for instant guidance he can only ask, “Where do I go from here?” …A few seconds, days, and now weeks later – no answer. Is HE listening?…

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